Workshop: Sustainability, Technologies, and Digitalization

Workshop: Sustainability, Technologies, and Digitalization – Critical Social Science Perspectives TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology | Februar 1, 2024

I present at this workshop ideas on transformative pathways.

This workshop aims to foster discussion on how critical social science research can explore the
emergence and deployment of digital and other technologies and unpack their social and political
impacts and implications in the context of the grand sustainability challenges. The workshop will
serve as a platform for scholars from diverse backgrounds to engage in meaningful
interdisciplinary exchange and contribute to research on societal and sustainability transformation.
Topics will focus (but not be limited to) technologies in sustainability transformations in agri-food
and energy systems. We invite participants to present their current research and encourage critical
discussion and feedback. We also aim to encourage participants to identify common interests and
generate ideas for potential collaborative projects, such as publications or research proposals.

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Silke Beck (TUM); Dr. Sarah Hackfort (HU Berlin)

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